Let's make streets in Cambridge more vibrant and attractive for kids to walk and bike to school!

In 2018, we asked Cambridge parents as part of the Safe Ways to School survey how they would like their children to get to school each day.  

More than 70 per cent said they would love for their child to bike, scooter or walk. But, only if it was safe.  

The following year, we asked Cambridge residents through the Cambridge Town Concept Plan Refresh what they wanted to see for the future of their town. Improving walking and cycling infrastructure was highlighted as a top priority. 

Now we're working with the community to make this a reality.


On Monday 15 February we began trialing more than 25 temporary changes on several streets in Cambridge to create a route for kids - and all of us - to safely and easily walk, bike and scooter to school and around town.

Some of these included painted dots on the road, improvements to busy intersections, new pedestrian crossings and a pop-up cycleway on Wilson and Duke streets. Check out the illustrated map here for more details.

All of the changes we are trialling are TEMPORARY so we can see which changes are effective and which aren't in making our streets better spaces for people. If a change works, great! If it doesn't, we'll adjust it or take it away depending on feedback. 


Let us know what you think by clicking on the green button at the top of the page. You can also pop into our Cambridge office at 23 Wilson Street and collect a hardcopy survey. 


We will be carrying out this project in a staged approach.

Stage One - Last year we asked you to identify the key areas on our streets making them unsafe for kids to walk, bike and scooter to school. More than 200 of you responded and helped us to select both the locations and the types of treatments we would test. 

Stage Two - From March 2021 we began installing more than 25 temporary treatments on a network of streets. These included a pop-up cycleway on Wilson and Duke streets, speed cushions on Bryce Street and improved crossings outside of four Cambridge schools.

Stage Three (Now) - Right now we are seeking feedback from residents on the changes we are trialling so we can see which are working well or which may need adjustment or to be removed. We will be reviewing the feedback as it comes through and making changes depending on what residents tell us. Feedback closes end of June.

Together, we can make our streets for people!