The Changes

Any changes we trial are easy to install and temporary so they can easily be removed if necessary. This is an iterative process so if you tell us something isn't working, we'll listen.

Below are some of the changes we've selected and why we believe they might be effective. Check out the illustrated map for more details.

Road shoulders with painted dots - Creates safer intersections for cyclists and pedestrians, and slows down turning traffic.

Crossing point with painted shoulders – creates safer crossing points for pedestrians, cyclists and kids getting to school. 

Pop-up cycleway – provides a separated cycleway for cyclists using Wilson and Duke streets and kids getting to and from school. 

Planter boxes – separates pedestrians and cyclists from cars.

Painted dots – slows down the speed of traffic by changing the environment. 

Speed cushions – slow down traffic and improve pedestrian crossing points.

From Monday 15 February, we'll start trialling some of these options. Once they're in, you'll get to tell us what works….. and what needs changing.