Stage 3 - Feedback and Changes

We’re going to be making some changes to the Streets for People network as a result of your feedback!

Over the past few months, you’ve shared your thoughts on the temporary changes we are trialling to make streets safer and easier to use, and we’ve carried out some traffic and pedestrian monitoring. Check out the monitoring report here.

As a result of this feedback, we are going to be making adjustments to several treatments across the network. These include:

  • Removing part of the pop-up cycleway on upper Duke Street to restore two-way access to vehicles – although we received great feedback about the cycleway from kids and their parents, emergency services told us they find the one-way access here makes it difficult for them to respond to emergencies in the west of Cambridge. 
  • Removing the pink and blue dots at all intersections where this treatment is being trialled – these have helped to lower speeds but lots of people find them too confusing.
  • Removing some of the speed humps on Bryce Street – these make it tricky for fire service volunteers to get to the station quickly.  
  • Alterations to some of positions of the orange hit sticks – to make it easier for cyclists to navigate through them.

The remainder of the changes will stay in place until the end of June when Council will decide which treatments to leave in place and which to remove all together.

In the meantime, we’ll continue looking at where we can make improvements to the network while the trial is still underway. 

Feedback is open until end of June so you can still share your thoughts with us.